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Voyage to the Vineyard


Voyage to the Vineyard is a novel addition to the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival's long list of on-water activities and an added leg of adventure to the Thursday Night Gunkhole Trip.


Bring what you've got! We'll be rowing, paddling, and sailing from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum across the Eastern Bay and up the heart of Kent Island on Cox Creek to the lovely Cascia Vineyards & Winery for an evening wine-tasting and small plate social from 7:00-8:30 PM. There is a $50.00 entry fee to participate in this leg of the event. 

A Brief Overview:
  • Register through Chesapeake Light Craft’s website or reach out to John Staub or Nicky Stimpson with Raid Chesapeake/Chesapeake Light Craft. The fee for this event is $50.00. See contact below.

  • A liability waiver must be signed to participate.

  • Skippers meeting Wednesday at 12:00 PM on the dock in front of the Steamship Building. If you plan to attend MASCF’s Thursday Night Gunkhole Trip, this meeting will serve both trips.

  • Depart for Cascia Vineyards & Winery on Cox Creek at 1:00. Voyage to the Vineyard is a 15.1-mile trip mainly on open water on the Miles River and the Eastern Bay. While there will be a safety boat on the water at all times, participation in this event is entirely at your own risk.

  • We expect arrival times at the winery to range between 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM. Weather conditions and vessel type will determine actual times; please plan accordingly. During this time, captains will anchor, form a raft(s), secure their vessel to a small pier, or bring their boat ashore via one small beach-like area. There's plenty of space for camping, bring your tents! 

  • Wine Tasting and Small-Plate Hors d'oeuvres will take place on land from 7:00 – 8:30, maybe 9:00. A shuttle boat will be available.

  • At 9:00, captains and crew will return to their boats (or campsites) for continued camaraderie or a good night's sleep.

  • Thursday morning departure is 10:00 AM. This departure time will place the majority of captains from both events in the vicinity of the Wye River simultaneously. At that point, you will either make your way up the Wye River to the Solo Cove Campground or return to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. At this point, The Voyage to the Vineyard is complete.

Required for the Trip:
  • A comfortable place to sleep. Raft up in the creek, or bring your tent. There's plenty of room.

  • Compliance with all vessel-specific USCG equipment requirements, including life jackets, visual distress signals, sound-producing devices, and navigation lights, is mandatory.

  • Life jackets must be worn at all times while underway.

  • Appropriate auxiliary power. Oars, a paddle, pedal-drives, or a motor are all acceptable. You never know; the wind may not show up.

  • A working VHF radio. We monitor channels 16 and 68.

  • Plenty of line and cordage for towing, mooring, rafting, and anchoring.

  • Adequate food and water for two full days.

Recommended for the Trip:
  • Travel in pairs using the buddy system. Conditions change quickly; sail in groups. This is not a race.

  • Navigation charts, both electronic and paper where possible, a flashlight with extra batteries, and a compass.

  • Foul weather gear and extra clothing.

  • Adequate sun protection

  • This event aims to encourage more small-boaters of all types to participate in the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival and Chesapeake Bay area events.

  • Your participation in this event is entirely at their own risk.

  • This event is open to all vessel types. Strong consideration of vessel choice, personal skills, and potential challenges while underway is essential.

  • There is a fee to participate in this event.

  • The safety boat for this trip does not have room to carry extra gear. You must be able to take what you need on your vessel. 

  • You may arrive at the event early on Wednesday to prepare.

Please forward questions to: 

John Staub | Chesapeake Light Craft and Raid Chesapeake CEO | | Work - 410-267-0137 Ext. 106 | Cell - 703-297-7421

Nicky Stimpson | Chesapeake Light Craft Sales Manager and Raid Chesapeake President | |Work – 410-267-0137 Ext. 104 | Cell – 443-848-2132

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